Cathy Camper is a writer and artist.
Arab Arab All Year Long! by Cathy Camper cover book photo

Arab Arab All Year Long

Wrapping grape leaves, playing doumbek, drawing henna tattoos,we’re Arab, Arab, Arab, the whole year through! Yallah! From January to December, join some busy kids as they partake in traditions old and new. There’s so much to do, whether it’s learning to write Arabic or looking at hijab fashion sites while planning costumes for a local …

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Lowriders to the Rescue by Cathy Camper book cover

Lowriders to the rescue

Nothing is normal in the little town where the Lowriders live. To start, Flappy can’t see a thing! He keeps mistaking fire hydrants for sailors and laundry for love interests. Even more worrying, the Upscale Business Association is determined to make more money than ever by tearing down local shops in favor of a brand-new …

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Ten Ways To Hear Snow

A snowy day, a trip to Grandma’s, time spent cooking with one another, and space to pause and discover the world around you come together in this perfect book for reading and sharing on a cozy winter day. One winter morning, Lina wakes up to silence. It’s the sound of snow — the kind that …

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George Floyd

June 2020 Yellow Corn Decorative Corn Wild Rice Red Quinoa Millet Watermelon Yellow Sweet Clover Red Maple Poppy Seed Rhutabaga White Clover Alfalfa

Billie Holiday

Minnesota State Fair – 2015 Merit Award- Out of State Rhutabaga Wild Rice Navy Bean Red Corn Black Bean Japanese Maple Millet Corn Husk Crimson Clover Money Plant Dutch White Clover Poppyseed Strawberry Clover Birchbark Maple Seed

Sun Ra

Minnesota State Fair – 2014 First Place – Out of State Corn Navy Bean Mung Bean Dutch White Clover Lima Bean Strawberry Clover Rutabaga Millet Crimson Clover Wild Rice Red Maple Iris Leaf Gradd Kidney Bean Basswood Leaf

Miles Davis

Minnesota State Fair – 2010 First Place – Out of State Seeds Used: Navy Bean Corn Black Turtle Bean Poppy Seed Wild Rice Strawberry Clover Japanese Maple Millet Birch Bark  


Minnesota State Fair – 2016 Fourth Place -Out of State Yellow Millet Wild Rice Dutch White Clover Rhutabaga Crimson Clover Poppy Seed Wheat Berry Navy Bean Mung Bean Honey Locust Bean Turtle Bean Yellow Sweet Clover Scarlet Runner Bean Japanese Maple Black Sunflower  

Frida Kahlo

Minnesota State Fair 1991