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Hey everyone!
Lots of good news!
Check out our trailer for Lowriders in Space, blasting off November 4, 2014. Feel free to share it anywhere in the galaxy. And you can read a preview of our book too!

I have a 2-book deal with Chronicle Books for my kids' graphic novel Low Riders in Space, with illustrator Raul Gonzalez III, blasting off in November 2014. Here's some advanced praise from blogger Elizabeth Bird and Pink Me's rave from Book Expo.

I also now have my arts and crafts up for sale - search SeedyArt on Etsy to shop and explore!

An Oregon filmmaker, Rebecca Gerendasy, made a video about my seed art for her food related website Cooking Up a Story. I'm grateful to her for capturing my passion for making seed art on film, and for showing the process of creating. Watch the video below.

Amy Sedaris' book SIMPLE TIMES; CRAFTS FOR POOR PEOPLE features my seed art portrait of James Brown. It's featured in the New York Times Book Review.