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Low Riders in Space
I have a 3-book contract with Chronicle books for my graphic novels Low Riders in Space, and Lowriders to the Center of the Earth with artist Raul Gonzalez III They're aimed at English-Spanish readers, kids, and comics fans everywhere! The books are available in hardback and paperback - look for them at your favorite local bookstore or library.

Bugs Before Time
bugs before time "Bugs Before Time: Prehistoric Insects and Their Relatives" is available for purchase at bookstores everywhere (ISBN: 0-689-82092-5). Or order it directly from the publisher at SimonSays.com.

Ten Ways to Hear Snow - coming soon!
A picture book from Dial/Penguin, which shares the gentle story of a young Arab-American girl and her grandmother exploring the sensory details of a snow-blanketed city morning in their own ways.

Sugar Needle Zine
Candy's Dandy, so keep some handy! Cathy has close personal ties to Sugar Needle editor Corina Fastwolf, and Phlox Icona, and has been occasionally known to contribute to issues of Sugar Needle. If you are interested in a copy of this candy zine, send $2 and a stamp to Sugar Needle, POB 66835, Portland,OR 97290 and don't ferget to brush yer teeth!

"A Note From the Future"
A short story in WIRED magazine, January 1995.
Click here to read.

"Sherlock Holmes: Queer, Straight, Neither?"
A fun essay about the famous detective in LAMBDA LITERARY, March 8, 2010.
Click here to read it.

"The Best Costume"
A short story in MIZNA - Prose, Poetry, and Art
Exploring Arab America
Vol. 2, Issue 5