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Interview with Huffington Post

Podcast Interview on Let's Get Busy with Matthew Winner

Lowriders in Space Blasts Off!

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Resources for Lowriders to the Center of the Earth
Want to know more about the Aztec culture, Aztec gods and Mexican monsters mentioned in book 2? Here's a whole page of resources to help.

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NASA Science News
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Lowrider Magazine
A major resource for anything lowrider. Contains mature content.

How stuff works; What makes lowriders hop?
Here’s the science behind these hopping carros, plus lots of basic information, including facts about lowrider bikes.

Lowrider Hop: An Essay
Check out filmmaker Gloria Morán’s video of a lowrider show and competition in San Diego - with a film score of opera music!

Low and Slow: the History of Lowriders

Chronicle Books Lowriders in Space Activity pages Word matches, writing comics, and drawing stars - fun things for young readers.